The Temporary Wife - Mary Balogh
The Temporary Wife is not one of Mary Balogh's best. I was really attracted to the plot of this book, as contrived as it was, a Marquess advertises for a governess but is actually looking for a wife. There was a lot of potential here, but it quickly went out the window.

In the beginning I actually thought I would really like the heroine, Charity Duncan, she seemed practical and spirited, but half way through the book she proved to be nothing more than an annoying simpering sentimental naïve presumptuous little twit. The only thing that she was practical about was her sexual relationship with Lord Anthony, which was in complete contradiction to her naiveté. It makes absolutely no sense that a young gentlewoman from the country would that blasé about sex. By the end I despised the hypocritical little twit.

The hero, Lord Anthony, was actually tolerable. I enjoyed the sections told from his point of view and his slow reconciliation with his family. His character growth was probably the one thing that kept me from completely abandoning this book.

There was very little chemistry between the hero and heroine, I found it extremely difficult to believe they were in love.

On the whole, The Temporary Wife was boring and horribly repetitive. It is not necessary to repeat events from the point of view of the hero and heroine. It became especially irritating because Balogh did so in an inconsistent manner.

Given my dislike of Saint Charity, rolling my eyes more times than I can count, and wishing more than anything that it would end, I can't give this book anything other than one star.